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Expert organizer, life coach and best selling author, Jennifer Ford Berry, will teach you how to get every area of your life in order, develop impeccable time management skills and live a life of intention and purpose! 

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Feel less overwhelmed

The #1 thing I hear from women is "I am so overwhelmed, I don't know where to start".  This breaks my heart because I know there is a different way, a better way to live out all of our responsibilities.  Women are busier than ever!  I want to teach you a new approach to life.

Declutter your entire life space by space

Are you tired of all the clutter? Everything you own takes away some amount of space, time, energy, and money.  I will help you create a vision for your home and then coach you on how to execute that plan, room by room.

Make room for your purpose

Do have a calling on your heart but are waiting for the day your life is all in order to pursue it?  God created you for a specific purpose on this earth.  He gave you a unique personality, set of gifts and skills that are meant to help you live out this purpose with ease. 

Unfortunately, things like a never-ending to-do list, physical, emotional, and mental clutter are all distracting us from what we were sent here to do.  Who we were sent to be! 

Skills that drastically eliminate stress!

Hiring Jennifer to help me organize my home has truly been a life-changing experience. She has transformed every room in my home and has inspired me to live a life without clutter...permanently! Jennifer has taught me organizational skills that I now incorporate into my daily routine. These skills help me save time and drastically eliminate stress.

-Nicole K

Jennifer is amazing to work with!

I’ve been working with Jennifer for the past several months decluttering and organizing my home. Jennifer is amazing to work with! She has such a great vision as to how to prioritize and tackle any of the tasks that need to be accomplished. She quickly implements an efficient plan for each of our sessions! Jennifer is extremely patient and her enthusiasm and determination to get the job done are contagious. Whenever we finish a session, I am always amazed at how much has been done in just a few hours. Jennifer’s help has freed me from so much unnecessary clutter in my life so that I can pursue more of the things I enjoy!! Thank you Jennifer. Jennifer is a terrific and very professional organizer!!!

-Jeri N

Jennifer taught me how to declutter my entire life!

Change is not always easy and can be overwhelming. Jen does an incredible job giving you the control, while she is guiding you to the desired outcome. Over the past ten years, Jen has helped me understand that I don't have to keep those candlesticks, just because they were my great aunts. I can keep what I love and display only what makes me happy. As a special education teacher, I use the organizational techniques to help parents and children break down categories for an easier schedule and daily transitions. Jen provides you with the extra help that we all so desperately need.

-Laura W


Created Order Neighborhood

By joining my year-long coaching program you will be part of an online community of like-minded women who want to clear away the clutter that is keeping them stuck so they can live a life of intention and purpose.

Move In Today!


LIVE weekly group coaching calls with Jennifer via Zoom.  This level of coaching will teach you how to create the life and the home you desire. Whether you are coached live or watch your peers get coached, each week will focus on the questions and circumstances applicable to us all.                                       

A Step-by-Step Plan

No more guessing about how to organize your home, plan out your schedule, get more done or live out your inner dreams.  Jennifer will teach you the step-by-step system she has taught others for over 20 years!


You will get exclusive access into the Created Order Neighborhood filled with women just like you that are tired of feeling overwhelmed and ready to live a clutter-free life full of purpose and intention.

As a member of the Created Order Neighborhood you will receive The Home Reset Course (a $500 value) which includes:

  • My best tips, tricks, and systems for getting organized.
  • Real-life home tours of the rooms in my home.
  • Over 20 video & audio coaching sessions.
  • Be motivated by a deeper why for getting organized once and for all.
  • A step-by-step plan for decluttering & organizing your home.
  • Private login access to my easy-to-use & mobile-friendly course platform.
  • A spiritual perspective on getting organized.
  • How to maintain an organized home after you complete this course.

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I Want You to Imagine a New Lifestyle

Friends, it is not too late. I have coached hundreds of women on how to live out their dreams.  Imagine waking up every single day knowing that you are taking action toward creating the best life you can live.  Everything you own has a home. You have time to do the things you love most like reading a book, making memories with your family & friends, exercising AND living out your purpose. You use a simple time management system for accomplishing your daily to-dos and long-term goals.  You are stress-free and happy knowing that you are living intentionally.

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